7 Ways To Stay Trim At Midlife

7 Ways To Stay Trim At Midlife

We may know that drinking enough water daily and eating loads of veggies is probably the best way to stay trim at midlife especially when accompanied by exercise, yet what about the psychological side of eating? How can it effect your relationship to food? Why is it that some people are able to stay slim? […]

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Listening at Midlife

Do you really listen? Or do you just hear? Last night I stood in the garden to admire the beautiful flowers. There was a Starling causing a real raucous. I thought it was because the cat was too near. But she continued to screech even when he left the scene. She was really agitated but […]

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Get Away Weekends

Get Away Weekends

Need to get away? Looking for something different than the usual retreat? Do you want to get away from your usual routine? Then a stay at the wonderful Can Jaume situated in the centre of Mallorca was meant for you! Take a break, meet like minded ladies, relax, rejuvenate and revive yourself. Just be Sensibly Selfish! […]

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7 Ways Supermarkets Make You Buy And 7 Ways To Beat Them At Their Own Game

Have you ever been into a supermarket expecting to buy half a dozen items and come out with at least twenty, what happened? As the countdown to Christmas begins, it’s time to realise how the supermarkets get you to buy more than you anticipated, and more importantly how you can take back control. Let’s get […]

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Helen Hopper

The Menopause Magazine Retreat in Mallorca!

We are so lucky to have with us a really wonderful team of experts from across Europe coming to Mallorca. Below you will find the information that has been sent to the 900 strong facebook group. If you want to join in – you had better be quick! Natural Women No-Pause Retreat 7th to 10th […]

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Rekki Pillows

Inspirational Lady – Mary Dankowych

I love when the Universe connects two people and at the time you are not quite sure why, until time passes. Mary contacted me to ask for advice with her business. We had an amazing conversation on Skype and Mary set off to make some investigations into the ways of filling the knowledge gaps we […]

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