Hello Midlife Lady… Is this you?


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  • Tearing your hair out?
  • Lost, with no true purpose in life?
  • Little or no confidence?
  • Struggling, or sandwiched between those you love?
  • Unfulfilled dreams, needing urgent attention?
  • Health and wealth fears that keep you awake at night?
  • Do you show up for others, yet not for yourself?

Welcome to www.sensiblyselfish.com

Dear Midlife Lady, it is time to open your heart to the ‘whole’ you. The Selfless part and the Selfish part. Both need to exist in order for you to be complete. It is time to put yourself First and become Sensibly Selfish Want some help? Then you are in the right place.

Join me and this amazing community of like-minded women. This is a place to grow, to let go of the past and to put yourself first. It is easy to be Sensibly Selfish – grab your coffee and follow the steps below.

How To Be Sensibly Selfish

Step OneBreathe, a true, deep breath. All is good, you have come to the right place

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Step Three – Sign up for the Sensibly Selfish Newsletter by scrolling down to the Pop up Box at the left hand corner

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Step Five – Fancy a mini-break with like-minded ladies in sunny Spain? Then a  Sensibly Selfish small and personalised Retreat is meant for you. Come and meet me and my wonderful team in person. Find out more HERE


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